About Me

Hello and welcome to Sciatica Nerve Treatment.com

My name is Michelle, I am a independent professional researcher, and writer specializing in all natural selection-treatments for sciatic nerve pain.

My mission is to research and share with you the best information about developing and maintaining well-balanced healthy back. In this website you will find information to educate, motivate, and to inspire you to develop and maintain a healthy diet, exercise, and pain management plan to extend and improve the quality of life.

I’ve always been interested in personal well-being and have strived to research, learn, and implement healthy positive changes in my life. I’ve been using these changes for many years and have helped many of my friends and family members to do the same.

Over the years I’ve gained a great deal of knowledge and first hand experience on how to develop and maintain a healthy body and mind. I have healed myself from sciatica, shoulder impingements, and obesity. I have believed in and invested in me, so that I may be a blessing to others.

I’ve decide to share my knowledge and experience in these areas with this website.

Please take a moment to explore my website and to use the information provided to help you choose and implement some or all of the life changing recommendations found here. Believe and invest in yourself and know that your body is a God given vessel that will do amazing things… if you will take care of it? It will take care of you!

Thank You for your visit! Happy Healing & God Bless